Aim and Scope

The Journal of Economics and Management Research aims; to fill the gap in different fields of social sciences both in the world and in Turkey, by producing the much needed scientific knowledge through scientific researches, studies, analyses, evaluations, and articles that address the most pressing problems in various disciplines of social sciences and that contribute to their respective fields in practice by enriching and revising the academic literature in the light of evolving circumstances of the contemporary era. Academic articles that fulfill these criteria are published within the framework of the specified general publication principles.

Journal of Economics and Management Research is dedicated to share original, national and international research in the field of Social Sciences with the scientific world and the public opinion. The journal is thought to provide important benefits in terms of providing effective solutions to the problems of the related fields, publishing original studies, disseminating new knowledge in the Social Science literature and transferring this to future generations. The general scope of the Journal of Economics and Management Studies is determined as; Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Political Science, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, International Relations and Finance. However, studies that are conducted in other related fields can also be submitted to the journal. If these pass the initial evaluation of the editorial board, they will be sent to referees who are experts in the respective field.